Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WordGirl: Tricks and Treats DVD Review

WordGirl is an animated series that can be seen on PBS. This series is great because it's not only entertaining, but it's also educational. Each WordGirl episode introduces new vocabulary words that are then reinforced throughout the episode to help children have a better understanding of the words.

WordGirl, also known as Becky Botsford, disguises herself as a 5th grader after crashing her spaceship and finding herself on Earth. Assisted by her sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, she uses her superhero power of knowledge to teach villains important lessons.

Just in time for Halloween, WordGirl has released a new DVD titled WordGirl: Tricks and Treats. This DVD features 8 fabulous WordGirl episodes and runs for about 100 minutes. In all of these Halloween themed episodes your child can experience all new vocabulary while getting excited for the upcoming Holiday. What could be better?

I had a great time watching this DVD with my daughter. She's still a little young to understand the vocabulary (example of words: shimmer and memorize) and concepts behind the show, but I love exposing her to new words! The characters are silly and fun and keep her attention. I think this will be a Halloween favorite for years to come!

You can purchase this DVD for only $14.99 at most major retailers... and of course... from!