Sunday, September 5, 2010

Snaptotes Review

I am one proud momma! I could show pictures of my daughter all day long. I could spend hours telling you all the amazing things she does and says. I wear her name around my neck. I am smitten. But, the truth is that most people don't want to look at a thousand pictures or listen to me ramble for 2 hours. But I haven't come across anyone who hasn't loved this......

How awesome is that! I have this great tote bag that is so functional....and it has adorable pictures of my little girl on it. I am so happy to carry this bag around and get tons of comments about how beautiful she is and how unique the bag is. People love it and so do I!

Snaptotes sent me this bag for review and I am so pleased. The ordering process was very easy. I was able to select my style bag from dozens of choices... big, small, tote, everything you would imagine. Then I uploaded a couple of photos and designed my bag. I decided to use a background, but you could do it so it's just your photo on the whole surface. There are so many options for you to make it just right for your taste and style.

I was amazed with how quickly the bag arrived. It was just a few days for them to create the bag and get it delivered. And the bag is great quality. The straps feel strong and there is lots of space in the bag. The pictures came out very clear and bright. They don't look pixelated or faded at all! My mom saw it and fell in love. Now I know what I'm getting her for Christmas!

I have been accepted into the referral program, so if you would like to make a purchase just click here and you can get free shipping on your order! Seriously, these would make amazing and unique Holiday gifts!