Monday, September 27, 2010

Dora Talking Digital Camera Review

My daughter absolutely loves Dora! She also loves my camera. Every time I take my camera out she runs over and wants it. Did you ever notice how kids can have a million toys but they always want what they can't have? My daughter goes crazy for all our electronics... cameras, cell phones, laptops. You know, the stuff that would be really expensive to replace is she broke it!

The Dora Talking Digital Camera has been a life saver! When my daughter comes running for my camera I hand her her own camera and she loves it! This camera not only talks in Dora's voice, but it also takes real pictures that you can upload to your computer using special software that it comes with.
Key Features
  • Dora the Explorer Snapshots software to get photos and videos from your camera, manage and organize your images by creating albums, edit images using automatic and manual tools.

  • Works as a Webcam on Windows and Macintosh computers

  • 3 Voice hints that are alternately heard before taking photos: "We did it, yeah!", "Fantastica" and "…giggle…"

  • The camera is fun and easy to use! Perfect for all the little explorers! 
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    Mom vs. the boys said...

    even my boys would love this, they are Dora fans too!

    Show Me Mama said...

    oh, little one would love this one. She would definitely be snapping a lot of pictures. She tries to use ours but a nice Dora Talking Digital camera would be great as well. Thanks for sharing.

    dimz said...

    hahaha, dora the xplore, like it
    thank you :)