Monday, September 13, 2010

CSN Stores

I absolutely love one stop shopping and shopping from my couch. I very rarely go to stores anymore, unless I am looking for something I need right away or I am out to browse. Browse... haha, how often does that happen with a 15 month old?

CSN has been and continues to be my first stop for many household items. You may remember that not too long ago I made the leap and purchased some modern bedding from them for our master bedroom. This was quite an event because ever since I found out I was pregnant everything on my purchasing radar was and is for the baby. But it was about time that I treated myself and I purchased a gorgeous comforter set that I have been adoring ever since.
This is the comforter we went with.
Well, now our minds are back on the baby. I feel like I just finished the nursery but my mind is already quickly moving ahead to her big girl room. Sometimes I think I should have been an interior decorator because I could redo a room a week if the hubster allowed. Anyway, with all the positive experiences we've had with CSN we immediately started browsing their bedding selection for the next phase of our little girls life.  They have a great selection of both crib bedding and kids bedding. So this is where I am stuck. Do I jump to a big kid bed or do I take the step in between with the toddler bed? If I do the toddler bed  I could actually redo her room again when we move to the big girl bed. This concept does not thrill my husband but excites me!

So this is where we currently stand... no where. We are debating and browsing and pretty much going no where. But I'm having fun in the process imaging all the possibilities for her room. You should take a look around their selection of bedding. Or, if you're looking for something else you can look around any of the over 200 stores! You can find everything!