Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Caspar Babypants Review

Caspar Babypants was recently released on November 2nd.  When I popped this CD into the player I was really pleased with what I heard. The upbeat, fun music also tells a story. This makes it even more entertaining to listen to!
Caspar Babypants is  Chris Ballew, lead singer and Grammy®-nominated songwriter for the four-times platinum rock and roll band The Presidents of the United States of America. 
I really like to listen to children's music that my daughter can enjoy and I can, too. This is sometimes hard to find, but Caspar Babypants as this mastered. I put the CD in while my husband and I were making dinner in the hopes that it would keep my little one entertained for a few minutes. Before I knew it all three of us were dancing in the kitchen! This says a lot because my husband never dances! It has such great beats you just can't help but dance! We loved "The Speedy Centipede"!

This CD would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season! Your children will thank you and you will have fun, too! You can purchase this CD online for only $12.00.


Show Me Mama said...

Looks like fun. I sure like to listen to music and if it is making the little one dance, jump or even skip. I am all for it :)Thanks for sharing

Lara said...

Me too! I love to have music playing all day.. and I love to watch my daughter boogie :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

that does look like fun!

Jenn said...

Thats totally fun!! Thanks for sharing!!