Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Pint Sized Productions Review

My daughter absolutely loves books! It's so cute to see her sit down with a book and flip through the pages. She ooo's and ahh's and squeals when she sees something she recognizes! So we have filled her playroom with wonderful board books. The board books give her the freedom to look at books independently because I don't have to watch and make sure she isn't ripping pages.

Pint Size Productions is the only US manufacturer of board books and have brought you hundreds of titles to lots of the best known publishers! They take great pride in their work and care deeply about quality, safety and great customer service!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Pint Size Productions on something that I think is very cool! They offer a great selection of personalized board books. I think this is the neatest thing. It's such a special thing that you can keep forever! And they offer a personalized Sandra Boynton book!

We have lots of the Sandra Boynton books and we love them. So I jumped at the chance to have one personalized for my daughter!
The first-ever customized Boynton board book! Upload the photo and name of any kid you adore, and POOF! In ten days, you will receive a completely unique and thoroughly awesome book—the perfect present for that perfect child. Printed and manufactured by Pint-Size Productions, the one and only board book manufacturer in the United States, fine printer of millions of copies of well-loved Boynton books.
The book arrived and I was so excited to see it! It's truly fabulous. The quality is great! It's a sturdy book with great bright colors. It's a fun book to read with your child and point out the different animals and practice making animal sounds. And then when they get to the end they see something really familiar....THEM! It allows you to upload two photos (one for the last page and one for the back cover). It also allows you to write a personal message for inside the front cover. 
My daughter squeals with delight when she's sees herself at the end of the book! It hasn't gotten old yet! I am going to treasure this book forever!
This would make an incredible gift for a special child. It only costs $24.60 (shipping price included) for those within the US. 


Show Me Mama said...

Those are just wonderful! I love that you can have your little one's photo in the books. I know kids would love to see their own pictures in books. My daughter would so love this a lot.Thanks for sharing :)

Jenn said...

Pint Size has really cute board books! Glad that you liked them!! :D

Lara said...

It's so adorable... I really love this book!