Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Letter Learning Review

Letter Learning is one of the coolest things that I've come across! This site offers amazing products that promote education through writing! As a teacher I know first hand that learning to write is a challenging task. There are so many aspects... handwriting, spelling, grammar, punctuation. It can be overwhelming for a child. The best thing we can do for them is to facilitate a safe writing environment. Give the child the ability to write and practice without stressing them with overwhelming demands. Enter Letter Learning.....

Letter Learning Cards strive to combine the ideas of handwriting and spelling practice, with cute card art and messages. 
Your young child traces the pre-made words so he will never worry about misspellings, sloppy handwriting or misconstructed letters.  To ensure personalization, though, blank space is always available for your little artist's drawings, and there is a designated space for the child and recipient's names.  We've now added cards to help with very basic math facts.  Letter Learning cards are sure to bring a proud smile to everyone involved! 

What a great idea! Give your children the ability and the independence to send cards to people they love. This also allows them to show off how great they are doing to grandparents, aunts, uncles, pen pals... anyone! And with the holidays right around the corner why not allow your child to write their own holiday cards? Or even better, thank you cards!
I had the chance to review some of these cards and I was very impressed! They are printed on a very thick card stock that is high quality. Each card came with a colorful envelope. I loved the variety that was sent to me. It really showed off the fact that you can be working on these cards with your children through a variety of levels. Some are as simple as just having your child trace on the front and for the message inside. Some just provide the lines so your child can come up with their own message. Some are in print, some are in script. They are all awesome! Some even have activities on them, like a word search or a color by number. This makes it even more fun for the people receiving them.

These cards are such a great idea! They are fun for children to do while still helping them learn, and they are so special for the people receiving them. I highly recommend that you check out the great selection and affordable prices at Letter Learning!


Show Me Mama said...

Oh, i like these cards. My daughter would really like these, since she always likes to trace words. It gives them the opportunity to write a card on their own. I will definitely look into those for Christmas. Thanks for sharing :)

Lara said...

It really is such a great idea! I love them!

Jenn said...

Thats a fun way to learn! I think kids are so visual and learn better with something in front of them especially when they have fun graphics!