Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Huggable Teddy Bears Review

We love teddy bears in this house! In fact, my daughter's nursery is a teddy bear theme. We are always looking for new teddy bears to add to the collection and Huggable Teddy Bears is definitely the place to look!

Huggable Teddy Bears has a great selection of some of the most well known brands, including Aurora World, Gund, Russ Berrie, Vermont and more! With this selection you know you are looking at high quality products. Ad with the holidays coming fast you should check out their adorable selection of Christmas Bears.
I was given the wonderful opportunity to review one of the bears that they offer. I always like the unusual bears, so I chose this goofy, lovable looking guy.... Goober.

Goober arrived so quickly! I opened the box to find him all wrapped up nicely in tissue paper. When I took him out I just had to squeeze him! He is 11 inches tall and very soft. I wanted to give him to my daughter right away, but I immediately pictured him sitting under the tree with a big red bow on him on Christmas morning. I know my daughter will run to him and hug him tight. What a perfect gift!

They even have a holiday Goober who sings Jingle Bell Rock!

I highly recommend you check out Huggable Teddy Bears great selection. I think you will be impressed with the bears and the prices!


Mom vs. the boys said...

oh my gosh that is sooo cute! I want him!

Lara said...

I know... me too!! I think he's awesome!

Jenn said...

I love these bears!! These are so cute! I'm waiting for mine to arrive. Can't wait! :D Thanks for sharing!

Show Me Mama said...

Oh, this is definitely a keeper. I love these. Thanks for sharing. They are too adorable :)

Lara said...

Aren't they?!?! They make adults smile.. so imagine a child!

Rizwan said...

Bears is so much cool i like this thanks for sharing

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