Friday, November 19, 2010

Photo Drama

I feel like I haven't Momma Blogged in forever! Mostly because this month has been so packed with great reviews and giveaways. I think that holiday shopping is at the top of most of our minds! But another thing that always happens this time of year.... holiday photos.

So that was our mission today. my husband took off from work and we scheduled our whole day around our holiday photos. I scheduled our appointment a month ago so that we would get the first appointment of the day. This way the little one would be chipper and ready to smile for the camera.

We get there 15 minutes early and put her in her adorable Christmas dress. She is dressed like a princess with her dress, tights, and patent leather shoes. She looks adorable! We always have such good luck with her at photo shoots, too! Last year we spent a fortune on photos because every one was perfect. We were ready for this year!

We get all set up in our room and.... melt down. Total and complete melt down like I have never seen before. She wouldn't sit, she wouldn't stop crying, she wouldn't smile, she wouldn't have anything to do with the poor guy with the camera. The only word she could mutter between sobs was "NO." The camera man gave up and wanted to stop. But I wouldn't have it. I needed a good picture... my Christmas cards depended on it!

So I picked her up and tried to comfort her. The clinging begins. She wouldn't let go of me. Who is this kid? My daughter has no problem when I walk out the door and leave her with someone else. Ok, time to give up.

We sat down to view our photos and had trouble finding ONE for the Christmas card. What an experience!


trooppetrie said...

oh man, I could not come up with a picture this year. so I did a bunch of different pictures

Unknown said...

Girl that was totally my experience last year! We didn't even try the actual Christmas photo. Instead we took them to see Santa. They were all excited and waving until they got up close and personal with him and then we had the meltdown. It was so bad that my husband and I had to get in the pictures with them. Unfortunately I had on no makeup and crappy clothes and my husband had on a baseball cap and a sweatshirt. So our kids are in their cute little outfits crying with mommy and daddy dressed like bums holding them....LOL. So I'm right there with ya!!!

Unknown said...

i haven't had that photo-shoot melt down...but the movies are off limits! last time we went, we thought we could bring our little man. nope. 5 minutes in he started throwing himself on the floor screaming. We had to leave and we were out $20 bucks! needless to say, no more movies for my son. at least not for a LONG LONG time :D

Mom vs. the boys said...

oh man i know! try getting 3 of them to co operate! impossible!

Show Me Mama said...

Oh, I totally can relate with you. You want to help them, comfort them but nothing is working. The same situation happened to when she was younger and I was fully prepared. We took a lot of her own toys, hats, fairy wands and so on to the studio. I look looked ridiculous trying to dance behind the camera lady and it worked. The camera lady kept on saying keep going it is working and my husband said " we should leave you here to work on the rest of the customers. LOL . Maybe next time try to take some of her own toys and it might work, but it sure happens, they cry and don't want to take pictures. We all want those beautiful pictures but one year I sent 3 pictures, one where she was about to start to cry, the other she was crying and the last one she paused for a second, with tears rolling down her face. Too precious and my family loved them all.

Jenn said...

Oh girl! I know exactly how you feel. Thats how our family pictures went in April. It was awful! I'm sorry your pictures didn't go so well!! I say grab a camera and snap a family shot in front of the tree. Maybe somebody can make her laugh.